“Mixfolio” WordPress Theme Review

  • Mixfolio Theme
  • Overview

    While there are thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes available for download, both free and paid, Mixfolio does a nice job standing out in the crowd. This may not be the most advanced theme on the market, but there are many reasons why it has become one of the most popular among webmasters. As you get started, you will enjoy the Theme Options portion of Mixfolio WordPress which gives you the ability to create and display a customized “welcome area” on the home page of your website.

    From a title to a short message to your contact details, this welcome area is where you can include pertinent information. Since many people don’t have the skills and experience to edit their WrdPress theme, Mixfolio has made things simple by allowing users to easily add their own customer header image. This can be done with a couple clicks of the mouse.

    Custom Menus

    In today’s day and age, at least as far as WordPress themes are concerned, custom menus are all the rage. Mixfolio supports two custom menus, which is more than the standard “one” that many other themes offer. This allows for a more customized look and feel, without having to edit the code.

    Post Formats

    When making posts to a Mixfolio driven website, users have the ability to choose from one of five supported post formats. These include:

    • Image
    • Gallery
    • Link
    • Quote
    • Video

    Each format has its own unique style, showcasing the appropriate features.

    With so many options, all of which are simple to understand and customize, the Mixfolio WordPress theme has become a favorite among webmasters all over the world. When you combine all these features with an appealing layout and design, it is easy to see why so many have fallen in love.

    License & Link

    Home: http://graphpaperpress.com/themes/mixfolio/
    License: GNU General Public License (free)